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Aluminium has become a staple material in homes across the world. Modern, industrial and practical, it’s easy to see why the trend has swept the globe. We’ve looked at how aluminium is being used in residencies in the Asian market.

After the Nepal Earthquake of 2015, the demand for aluminium products in the Asian market has doubled. This is because its high-strength, corrosion resistance and superior malleability allows buildings to resist the power of natural disasters. More so than any traditional wooden or plastic products.

“The demand for aluminium doors and windows has increased after the earthquake,” said Madan Manandhar, Managing Director at Nu-Tech Pvt Ltd. “Earlier demand was from urban areas only. But now the demand for products has grown in rural areas too after the earthquake,” he added.

As the price of wood increases in the international markets, aluminium is becoming more popular. This is due to its cost-effective, eco-friendly and aesthetic properties.

Aluminium Doors

According to Manandhar, on the other side of the world, construction trends are similar to the UK market. Commercial properties prefer structural glazed windows and swing doors and residential properties choose sliding windows and bi-fold doors.

“Previously, wood was the first choice for doors and windows. Owing to high cost, the use of wood is fast depleting and people have shifted to aluminium,” says Anu Rajbanshi, Sales & Marketing Manager at Skylight. She reports that these products are light but tough, weatherproof and with a high strength to weight ratio.

Across the globe, the use of aluminium in doors & windows continues to increase as its properties are proving to be unbeatable as a construction material. To see for yourself the benefits of bi-fold doors and windows, come down to our showroom just outside of Colchester, Essex.

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