What you need to know about Approved Document Q…

There is nothing more important than security when it comes to your home. That’s why it is vital that your doors and windows provide maximum security at all times. 1st October 2015 saw the new Approved Document Q (Security – Dwellings) come into effect, meaning that the entry points to any new home are covered by this new standard protection.

What’s required?

PAS24:2012 – Windows should be shown to meet or exceed PAS24:2012 standards

What’s covered?
– Entrance Doors
– Garage Doors
– Ground Floor Windows
– Basement Windows
– Other Easily Accessible Windows
– Rooflights

Document Q places emphasis on security in Building Regulations, and is the latest addition to any changes in such regulations.

These new standards require all new doors and windows to be made to a design that has been tested to show that it meets or exceeds the security requirements of PAS24:2012

Introducing this Approved Document Q means that security levels will be increased, protecting new homes from burglaries and break-ins. All new doors and windows have to meet a hardware and cylinder attack test. And comply with European security measures to make homes less vulnerable to security attacks.

If you are looking to buy a new home, then please ask if your windows and doors meet the Approved Document Q regulations.

All of our products at Bifolds Bi Design comply to the Approved Document Q standards. We know that security is key to a happy home. We supply a wide range of products including Bifold Doors, Aluminium Doors & Windows and Lanterns. If you have any questions about these standards, or any of our services, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01206 212 040 or email [email protected]