Tilt & Turn Windows

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Tilt & Turn Windows Features & Functions

  • 28mm glass as standardpexels photo 243148 768x512 - Tilt & Turn Windows
  • 75mm polyamide subframe for easy installation
  • Easy clean options available
  • KTW51 window system
  • Efficient drainage system
  • Weather resistant materials & design
  • Dry glazing is optional
  • Natural ventilation guaranteed
  • KBS system compatibility
  • Polyester powder coated colours available
  • Anodising finish available

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Colours & Finishesarray

All bi-fold doors are painted and coated with high quality, long lasting paint that is designed to last the test of time, hence why we are able to offer a 10 year guarantee inclusive of all bifold door orders. All finishes are first class with low maintenence attached, subsequently, your bifold doors will only require a quick wipe down once or twice per annum.

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Glacier white is a very popular colour option that we offer as it is fresh, modern, clean and it transforms the front and or rear visual presentation of your home regardless of what type of property you own. To see the Glacier white option in person, we suggest you come in and visit our showroom in Colchester, Essex. [/span6] [span6]


Pure black is often selected for our high quality, fixed window options. The pure black colour defines the shape, size and quality of our fixed windows. They also enhance the visual impact of your property by defining the new and modern windows you have had installed. Pure black is also easy to maintain. [/span6] [/row]

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Magnificent grey is growing in popularity and is fast becoming the most popular colour option for our tilt & turn windows. Magnificent grey is not only easy to maintain, but it also blends into the features and colour scheme of the property very well also. Lots of people love our magnificent grey option as it is a new colour option and is less defining when compared with the white and black options. [/span6] [span6]

Warranty25 Year Bifold Door Warranty purple - Tilt & Turn Windows

All colours applied come with a 10 year warranty for long lasting reassurance. Only the highest quality materials are used which are professionally applied by experienced industry experts. Hence the ability to offer a 10 year warranty on all colour options. [/span6] [/row]

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Glass Options

bifolds 22 - Tilt & Turn Windows

As we are the manufacturers of our own range of products, when it comes to selecting glass for your bifold doors, any preference is possible. We can accommodate your requirements across your chosen selection, whether you wish to maintain a more traditional single glaze look and feel or whether you would prefer a more modern, energy efficient and more secure solution such as double, treble or even quadruple glazed bifold doors. Either way, we can help advise and guide you on the best option for your home, however, our standard double glazing solution looks really great – high quality, secure, easy to clean and very energy efficient too!

All our doors and windows have been submitted to the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS for short!) to gain the all important Industry standard PAS 24 accreditation, this involves a rigorous testing procedure at their independent testing facility. This ensures that the product meets and gains the PAS 24 – Part of The British Standard stable of excellence and minimum security requirements (previously the BS7950) and assesses the security performance of the glazing for windows and external doors against possible forced entry and intrusion by an unwanted ‘visitor’. We are confident in all of our products, special attention is paid to good design, safety and security so you can be sure of purchasing a truly quality product.

We invite you to our lovely showroom in Colchester where you will be advised and guided through the various options by one of our knowledgeable and friendly assistants. We are here to help so don’t hesitate to either call us or drop by – You will be amazed at the variety, the quality and the shear beauty that a Bifold door brings to your home.

bifolds 13 - Tilt & Turn Windows

Energy Efficiency

All tilt & turn windows manufactured, built and assembled by Bifolds Bidesign are fully energy efficient meeting the highest attainable energy efficiency ratings for fixed windows. Subsequently, if you want care for your home and eco friendly warmth all year round, why look anywhere else, other than Bifolds Bidesign. [/tab3] [tab4]

HardwareFast Bi-Fold Door Delivery

At Bi-folds Bi-design of Colchester, we only believe in using the best products. After All, this is why customers advise their friends and family to also go to Bi-folds Bi-design for their tilt & turn needs. As the our company slogan suggests – ‘Because We Can’ this is as we take full pride in our work and have the leading industry experts in house available to you.

If you are by any means concerned or wish to view the materials we use to great some of the best products in Essex, then come and view our tilt & turn windows for yourself. The Bi-folds Bi-design showroom in is conveniently located besides the A12 in Marks Tey nearby central Colchester which is one of the oldest recorded towns in the UK. Pop in as we would love to show you the fantastic quality of all our premier products.

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Whether you live in a small or large property and regardless of where your home is situated within your neighbourhood even with the best neighbours in the world, we all worry over the security of our homes. They are our nests, where we raise our families and need to be as secure as we can possibly make them with particular emphasis when it comes to windows, doors, lanterns and bifold doors.

These are the weak points for any house and can become the entry points of any unwantedbifolds 3 - Tilt & Turn Windows ‘visitor’. Our industry has responded with the introduction of the PAS 24 (2012) Security Standard, this is the line in the sand of the very minimum basic security requirements as dictated by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS for short!) So the door, window and lantern manufacturer submits their product and is granted this ‘fit for purpose’ standard. These measures have proven to be so effective in stopping intruders that the Police Service has had to plan differently when they are executing a warrant and making an arrest by forcing entry to the house of a suspect. Comforting information indeed and should go a long way to allaying any fears and worries you may have over the security of your home.

This is the very reason why we specialise in bifold security to ensure a force of entry is not possible other than through extreme instances which are almost impossible to prevent. As a company, we pay particular attention to security across all our product range and truly believe that we sell the most secure and highly tested bifold door solution on the market and we welcome you to put this to the test by visiting our showroom in Colchester, Essex.

WinkHausbifolds 18 - Tilt & Turn Windows

Established over 160 years ago, the Winkhaus group is renowned as one of the best security mechanism manufactures worldwide. Experts in security, we work with this globally recognised manufacturer to ensure all tilt and turn window security systems that we install are highly regarded as the best in it’s class, as we only believe in the very best. ‘Because We Can’. If you want to learn more about Winkhaus visit their website, as you will see they are based in Kettering of the UK. Winkhaus is a company we are happy to be associated with in terms of quality and heritage and this is why we use their high quality products for most of our manufacturing processes, which are proven to be consistent here in the UK.


Yale Security Locksbifolds 3 - Tilt & Turn Windows

Almost everyone has heard of Yale and if not, then you will have almost certainly used one of their door or locking systems. Yale is yet another well respected company which we are proud to confirm we work with by using their products throughout most of our manufacturing processes as well. Subsequently, if you love to buy quality products, then look no further than Bi-Folds Bi-Design based in Colchester, Essex, UK. “Because We Can”.

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Thresholdsbifolds 25 1 - Tilt & Turn Windows

At Bi-folds Bi-design of Colchester, Essex. We offer various threshold options to suit the style, design and build of your property. Therefore, regardless of whether you are looking for a more contemporary, slightly bigger, more solid looking threshold to match any existing windows or to reduce costs, we can cater for your needs. If however, you would like a super modern, sleek threshold, again, we can cater to meet your requirements as we build all thresholds at our Colchester based workshop. We also invite you to come in and visit our showroom in Colchester, Essex. This way, you can compare all of the options available to you in addition to meeting our team and viewing our workshop.

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KBF e1493803572490 768x673 - Tilt & Turn Windows At Bi-Folds Bi-Design we handle all of the technicalities for you, all we require is your assistance with some simple measurements, unless you would prefer us to conduct an on-site survey for you as we can then take any and all measurements we need for your complete peace of mind. We tend to find that unless a project manager or property development company is being employed to install your aluminium bifolds, aluminium doors, aluminium windows, aluminium lanterns or anything else aluminium, then you may wish to ask for one of our installation specialists to come and conduct the measurements for you.

If you are a builder, developer, contractor, architect, structural engineer or one of our many resellers, then feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements both in terms of look and feel as well as all other technical specifications your require or advanced requirements needed. If so, please call us on 01206 212 040 or email through to our team via [email protected]





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Did you know that we also offer integral blind installation? Integral blinds are amazing as they are a dream to clean, very easy to operate, there is no rattling and knocking in the wind in addition to looking very modern and stylish. Ensure to tell us if you would like integral blinds added to your order as we can provide this for you.

For full configuration options, we suggest you visit our showroom in Colchester of Essex to go through all of the possibilities with one of our friendly and supportive team members who are always happy to help and assist you. If you would like to visit us, here is the address to our UK based showroom – Flyover Nurseries, Coggeshall Road, Marks Tey, Essex CO6 1LJ

If however you are unable to get to our showroom, many customers go through the various configuration options available to you over the phone and or via email. Subsequently, you can call one of our team members at anytime on 01206 212 040 or by sending an email to [email protected]



Tilt & Turn Windows


Product Informationtilt-turn-2

Top and side hung Applications
Polyamide thermally broken aluminium frames, for improved
thermal efficiency.
28mm glass, as standard.
Joined using mechanical corners.
75mm polyamide sub frame section, for easy to install modular windows.
Easy clean and egress options available.
Cills, add ons, curtain wall insert and coupler sections available.

Key Features & Innovationshome-para

  • Narrow Sight Lines.
    Technically advanced framing systems with slim sight lines.
  • Easier Fabrication.
    The KTW51 Window System is fabricated using a mechanical corner cleat, which ensures easy and fast fabrication times.
  • Meeting Project Requirements.
    The KTW51 Window Suite is available in both 51mm profile sections.
  • Architectural Flexibility.
    The systems can be used for punched hole, composite and ribbon window applications. Also, both new build and refurbishment schemes.
  • Efficient Drainage.
    The window system is fully drained, either onto a cill section or with our innovative face drain cap. This includes an internal baffle, to stop wind noise, and to minimise the build-up of water, creating excellent weather resistance.
  • Easier Glazing.
    The Window Suite can be dry glazed from the inside or out using clip-in beads for ease of fabrication and faster glass replacement.
  • Natural Ventilation.
    Trickle ventilation to Building Regulations can be integrated into the KTW51 Window System.
  • Full KBS System Compatibility.
    The KTW51 Window Suite can be fully integrated into the Exlabesa curtain walling to naturally ventilate the building and offer additional aesthetic options.
  • Finish & Furniture.
    The KTW51 Window Suite can be produced in single and dual Polyester Power coated colours and also an Anodising finish is available. The window furniture includes espagnolette and cockspur options in a variety of colours.



Aluminium is extruded in accordance with
BS EN 755 Part 1-9:2008 and BS EN 12020-2:2008.
Polyester Powder Coating material is produced in accordance with
BS 6496/97:1984.
Silver Anodising is produced in accordance with
BS EN 12373, ranging from 5-25 microns.
Polyamide Thermally Broken Aluminium is produced in accordance with
BS EN 14024:2004.
Gasketry is produced in accordance with
BS EN 3734:1997.



Security tested to BS 7950:1997.

Weather tested to BS 6375-1:2009.

Test certificates available upon request.

Max. Vent Top Hung Size (mm) Typical U-Values
1200 x 1200 1500 x 1500
KT51 Inward Opening Window *1500 x 2100 1.8 / 1.5 1.7 / 1.4
Please note: U-Values are dependant on size and glass U-Values. The above are based on glass U-Values of 1.1 W/m2K.

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