Security Bi-fold door handles

Security in Bi-fold door handles is one of the most important features of any door or window, and to be able to trust in the mechanics and the metal used is a must in any safety conscious home. Bi-Folds-Bi-Design have one of the widest selections around Essex, Suffolk and East London of high quality Bi-Fold Door Handles and Locks in different colours and finishes for both windows and doors.

Bi-fold door handles design

Our Bi-fold door handles are a great design that focus on hard wearing materials combined with high performance safety and locking systems. We continuously test and try our bi-fold door handles to ensure the products work like clockwork and provide assurance that they will not let you down which is why we always have a selection of guarantees and warranties that last for years because we know and trust in our designing, manufacturing, delivery and installation services. But if we are just selling you the door handle, we’ll be sure to guarantee that too.

Creating the perfect finish to your bi folding doors, is to make sure you have a great movement, colour and finish and always testing the finished result with a firm hand. All our bi-fold door handles are created with strength, longevity and safety in mind. But also a stunning conclusion and centerpiece to your home. No more sitting around the TV, you’ll be admiring the outside while in the comfort of your house.


Where to buy bi-fold door handles?

Our shop has a huge selection of bi-folds door handles for doors and windows. If you aren’t sure about the specifications you’ll need for your door handle then please give Bi-Folds Bi-Design a call on 01206 212040 and our friendly, experienced team will be happy to give you our knowledge for as long as you need it.

We have always prided ourselves on our team work and client focused attitude, so really any questions about bi-folding door handles, our popular and stunning Bi-Folding Doors and aluminium windows will be greatfully recieved.

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