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Bi-Folds Bi Design provide an industry leading service for your bifold doors and windows. Our service is hassle-free, efficient and affordable. You never have to worry about your products not showing up, or not showing up on time. We work hard to improve our service every day, making us stronger and allowing us to grow further.


Residential Bi-Fold Fitter

As a residential bi-fold fitter, we will be able to not only design and manufacture your bi-fold doors, but we will also be able to deliver them and install them. The bi-fold doors available from Bi-Folds Bi Design have been designed to be perfectly suited for any residential or commercial property. However, we understand that people may have specific likes and dislikes. Therefore, we are happy to allow every client to create a bespoke design just for them.


One important aspect to consider are the thresholds of your property. As residential bi-fold fitter, we are experts when it comes to thresholds.


We typically find that most homeowners do not even consider this aspect. It is important to consider the internal and external flooring. If you are looking for high-quality, seamless, modern looking finish between your bi-fold doors and your internal and external flooring, we are the team to call.


If you have ever been to a home with bi-fold doors, you know what a winning concept it is. They can even improve the quality of your residential property. There is no doubt that aluminium bi folding doors are the current and future hote seller when it comes to enhancing your home!


If you would like to find out more, come along to our showroom today! Here, you will be able to speak with our members of staff to find our more about our bi-fold doors. You will also be able to see what these doors look like live.


As a residential bi-fold fitter, we are here to ensure that your bi-fold doors are perfectly fitted. To find out more, contact us today! You can reach us on 01206 212 040 or [email protected]!

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