Here at Bi-Fold Bi-Design we enable you to invest in the best products money can buy. We are the best on the market for high quality, high performance Bifold doors in your home. Invest in BiFolds today!

Why shouldn’t you have the very best on the market? Our Bifold products can give your home the much needed elevation it needs. With smart looking doors for you and your family to be blown away by every single time!

Here’s just a few reasons why you should buy a Bi-Fold Bi-Design door:

Colours & Finish

Firstly, a lot of customers like to match the colour of their bifolds to the room the doors will be installed in. Your very own set of bifolds come in a wide range of popular colours that compliment your home. Better still you can even customise your very own set of doors on our website. There’s also a range of different finishes available allowing you to create the perfect bifold. In addition, products are available in a variety of different configurations. Therefore, Allowing you to easily customise your door based on the requirements of your project.

Safe, Secure & Durable

Another important requirement is safety and security when it comes to your new doors. As a result, all Bi-Fold Bi-Design products are safeguarded and made to last. Therefore, advanced multipoint locking mechanism, is just an example of how incredibly secure your product is. A robust, durable frame combined with reinforced glazing increasing the security. Not only are bifolds safe and secure, they’re durable too! This product is one of the strongest on the market, the hardwearing, long-lasting aluminium makes them incredibly strong, ticking three important boxes for you to invest.

Designed Expertly & Efficiently

Bi-Fold Bi-Design specifically design their products to cope with any potential heavy traffic. This means that you can be sure your Bifold will be suitable for anything. Not only are they built well, they are also designed with incredible aesthetics in mind. 

The Forward Thinking Approach

Your product can become incredibly energy efficient, helping to reduce the energy costs of your household bills. These are also suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. The versatility that makes this product so great, makes them perfect for their use in a variety of settings.

In short our excellent Aluminium Doors have a wide range of features and functions that you may be interested to know.

  • Strong yet light
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Glazing options available
  • Security compliant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Multiple colour options
  • Energy efficient
  • Recyclable / Environmentally friendly

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At Bi-Folds Bi-Design, we believe that aluminium doors offer a wide range of benefits for you to invest in. As the leading aluminium doors and window supplier in Colchester, we are here to help you ensure you get the best information and advice on what doors are best for you.

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It’s time to invest your money on a product that will last a lifetime!