Commercial Bi-Fold Supplier

Are you looking to add bi-folds to your property?

Do you want a reliable, efficient commercial bi-fold supplier?

Bi-Folds Bi Design is the company to help you!


Bi-Folds Bi Design produce excellent bi-fold doors for your property. From our years of experience and practice as a commercial bi-fold supplier, we have found that aluminium is a great choice for bi-fold doors. Due to its immense strength, it can resist corrosion, vandalism and fire damage. This material will make your bi-fold doors long lasting.

As a commercial bi-fold supplier the doors we produce have an exceptional level of thermal insulation. This will keep the heat in and cold out when the doors are shut. This will ensure a comfortable temperature in your home during all months of the year.

At Bi-Folds Bi Design we bring the outside in!

We like to give our customers a choice when it comes to their bi-fold doors. Therefore we offer colour choices for every client. We offer most colours, let your bi-fold doors be colour coordinated with your home!

Why should you choose Bi-Folds Bi Design as your commercial bi-fold supplier?

We offer unbeatable prices. You will not be able to find a cheaper quote anywhere in the Essex or Suffolk!

You can design your very own bi-fold doors. This ensure you get the bi-folds you want!

At Bi-Folds Bi Design we have exceptional customer service. Our professional and friendly staff listen and provide quality services to all our customers.

By visiting our website you can design your own bi-fold doors. As a commercial bi-fold supplier we want our customers to be happy with their new bi-folds. Therefore it is important to produce an item that not only suits your taste, but also your home.

Did you know that Bi-Folds Bi Design are part of the Bi-Folds Bi Design Group? Visit our other companies to receive more inspiration for your home! Sky View Lanterns create exceptional roof lanterns that give you less roof, more sky. Bi-Design Integral Blinds design beautiful integral blinds to go with your bi-fold doors and windows!

Visit our website today to start browsing and get designing! If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us on: 01206 212 040! We can’t wait to find the perfect bi-fold doors for you.