Once you have chosen your perfect door, we would like for you to be able to chose your perfect handle as well. We have a vast range of handles to chose from and though it may not seem like the most important detail we know from experience that having the right (or the wrong) handle can make or break a door!

Our selection has been hand selected and we use only the highest quality of materials. We hate cutting corners. We also do not want you to ever leave our showroom or our website dissatisfied! In this blog post we have selected three of our favourite handle products.

We would like to start with the Vivoshort handle in a brushed satin chrome. All of our Vivoshort handles have been incredibly well engineered and are specifically designed to withstand the force of pulling heavy (and multiple) panels at the same time as operating shoot bolts. The length of the handle, the grip and the tilt have all be crafted to meet exact criteria.

Next we have the Verso handle in a polished gold chrome.

This handle really stands out. Though the gold is subtle it is certainly a statement piece. We have made sure that the escutcheon forms a part of the handle instead of being a separate part; this we believe, would have reduced its aesthetic appeal. Our Verso handles can work in conjunction with our Debar Robus bi-fold lock or alternative gearboxes/locks with 43mm 1.11/16” centre screw fixings.

Lastly it is the turn of our Hoppe Atlanta handle (with a 92mm centre) in a polished silver chrome. Hoppe are a versatile brand and design everything from nylon fittings to brass components! The Hoppe handle is designed to be able to meet a wide and varied range of requirements. It combines appealing design and interesting form with fantastic functionality.

To see the rest of our handles follow this link!

If you would like talk to us about one of these products or about one of our other products do not hesitate to call us on 01206 212040 or you can email us on [email protected]