Bifold doors have took the industry by storm. Over the past decade, BiFolds have become a must-have product for homeowners in the hundreds of thousands over the UK. There is a vast choice of aluminium bifold door products, as so many consumers wish to open up a room fully or make the most of their garden. However, there are plenty of advantages to the traditional sliding patio door that should not be forgotten either.

So, which one wins the battle for best door option?


This category splits the two, as they both have their advantages when it comes to style. Bifolds have a clean design that give a modern aesthetic to any home, but sliding doors can affect a good outside view less. This is due to the lack of upright structures interrupting the glass frame. We’re 50/50 on this one.


To start with, sliding doors are generally the cheaper option. But in this industry, you get what you pay for. Bifolds require more manufacturing as there is a lot more to the product than the sliding alternative. Saying this, the price difference is not vast, and Bifolds always provide competitive prices on all their products – so you can be sure you are getting the right deal.


Bifold doors win hands down in this section. A sliding door can open half-way, but the remaining fixed section stays put at all times; whereas bi-folds open up fully to reveal plenty of space, or can be half or partially opened depending on preference.


It completely depends on your individual property as to which kind of door design suits your home. It depends on if the property will allow a design and how the homeowner intends on using the door. If you would like maximum views, perhaps a sliding door would be best; if you want to create a visually impressive look with maximum opening space, bi-fold doors are for you.

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