The 2018 World Cup knockout stage is underway, and a large proportion of the nation is glued to the screen to see who will be bringing it home – I think we know who will be bringing it home, especially after that dramatic penalty shoot-out over Colombia… *Gareth Southgate raises his hand.*

The tournament has the power to bring people together and create a football frenzy. From the devoted football fan to someone who would normally rather watch paint dry, it’s a fantastic excuse to shout, scream and get together in front of a TV screen backing the Three Lions through the highs and lows, and let’s be fair, we have had our fair share of lows over the years…

While many may venture down the pub for most of the games, there’s still a number of us that share the World Cup fever and close knit togetherness on the comfort of our sofa. When there’s a large amount of people all in one room we come to realise just how small our homes can be.

With Bifolds Bi Design doors, you’re able to open up your home from the stuffy crowded environment, into a cool and stylish feel – it’s especially ideal if your emotions get the better of you and you fancy running round the garden when Harry Kane puts one in the top bin!

Our bifold doors essentially bring the outside in and this time of year is ideal for it! Not to mention the cost-effective ways of adding space and saving money on your home bills!

It’s always nice to be able to enjoy the space and light you can create by open plan alternatives such as Bifold doors. Perhaps one of your summer plans is to treat your home to a open plan renovation?

We can’t promise to have your doors installed before the end of the World Cup, but it would be nice to think you have the home of your dreams ready for all your future entertaining needs.

Bifolds Bi Design products are the ultimate modern design statement. The result of investing in these products will decrease the years off a tired, ageing property. Whether your home is traditional or modern, you can be sure that more natural light will transform the space you live in.

If you would like to open-up the space in your home but you’re unsure of how Bifold doors could work for you, don’t feel daunted by the options, pick up the phone to one of the friendly team at Bifolds Bi-Design. We have years of experience and expertise, we’re happy to talk through the various options to find the best solution for you.

If you would like to find out more information about our products and installation process at Bifolds Bi-Design, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01206 212 040.

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