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Bi-Folds Bi Design

All Bifold Doors Wigmore are manufactured, built and assembled by Bifolds Bidesign and are fully energy efficient. This means it meets the highest attainable energy efficiency ratings for fixed windows. Subsequently, if you want care for your home and eco friendly warmth all year round, why look anywhere else other than purchasing your very own set of bifolds at Bi-Fold Doors Wigmore?

Our products are put through a rigorous routine, where they are tried and tested to ensure optimal energy efficiency is maintained all year round in any climate or weather conditions. This
is why all aluminium products come with multi-chambers and thermal breaks within the profile of the bi-fold door as this is proven to reduce energy costs through a reduction in heat loss.

All of our bi-fold doors are fitted with a 28mm double glazed unit and feature a high performance, soft coat glass that come as standard. This is designed to absorb solar energy from the outdoors and reflect internal heat back into your home.

the best bifold doors wigmore has to offer

the best bifold doors wigmore has to offer

At BiFold Doors Wigmore we ensure you save on your household heating bills month after month and reduce your carbon monoxide emissions, all bi-fold doors we manufacture offer U-values which is as low as just 1.6 w/m2K.

You can find out more information about how your bifolds can benefit from energy efficiency, by popping down to our store in Flyover Nurseries, Coggeshall Road, Marks Tey, Essex CO6 1LJ. Alternatively you can telephone us on 01206 212 040 and email us – ​[email protected]
Our opening times for our store are as follows:

MONDAY – FRIDAY: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM SATURDAY: 10:00 AM – 4:00PM Don’t waste anymore time when it comes to your bifolds at BiFold Doors Wigmore, there is always a door open for our customers to walk in and benefit from…