Bifold Doors Marylebone

The BiFolds Group

In the chic residential area of Marylebone, we aim to make your life easy. We have produced an online system that enables you to design your very own set of bifolds in the comfort of your own home. And in your own uninterrupted time.

Designing your own bifold door is made easy, there is no cost to use our online system, simply click this link to let the fun begin – design your bifold doors.

Why not let your your imagination run riot. Because we have a number of configurations we can offer you, this is not limitless but certainly extensive.

From a two pane span to an attractive and impressive seven pane spread as a standard. We accommodate such a solution with expert ease that you desire . For example, all you have to do is request details of the eight pane and more options should that be what you require.

Here at Bi-Fold Bi-Design, we provide a successful solution that pride ourselves on.

We love to fit our amazing and impressive products, which in turn puts a smile on our happy customers’ faces.

We can help you create that wonderful idea and feeling of bringing the outside in and the inside out with Bifold doors Marylebone.

Some customers prefer to enquire online whilst others prefer to talk face to face. Some of our existing customers have been happy with pictures sent to them with plans and designs included. We also understand it’s personal preference. Some would rather view and feel the products for themselves to get that ultimate feel for what they are investing in.

Whichever you prefer, the choice is yours. Our showroom is easily accessible via the A12 in Colchester, Essex. \\\we welcome all our customers with a smile and the offer to answer any query.

Alternatively, if you would rather give us a ring to discuss your query, you can call our main office on 01206 212 040. \we can tell you about all of our services here at Bifold Doors Marylebone.