Bifold Doors Embankment

The BiFolds Group

If you are lucky enough to have bifold doors in your home, you will know what an excellent product and service Bi-Fold Bi-Design provides to you and the rest of our happy customers in the Embankment area of Central London.

Not only are bifold doors a modern and convenient addition to any property, it is also suggested that having this excellent product when installed can also increase the value of your property. Whether you are looking to have bifolds for aesthetic or practical reasons, there is no doubt that aluminium bifolding doors are the current and future hot seller when it comes to enhancing your home’s productivity.

This is also the case for your bifold doors hardware, handles, hinges and rollers that are attached.

Our handles are of the highest quality and can be matched for look and colour to whichever bifold door system you chose from us, from traffic handles to your T-handles, we can give you that helping hand! Our bifold door handles are strong, robust, hard wearing, sleek and stylish too!

As for our hinges we use only finest on the market, because a hinge works by taking most of the workload and only the best will suffice. A bifold door depends on its hinges to deliver that wonderful folded back open to the outside feel, bringing outside in to your home!

The rollers for your bifolds are also really important in terms of components for your doors, for that easy requirement of the smooth opening and shutting of your doors. As a result, we only use the very best roller system to deliver exactly what you want and what you demand from your doors in Embankment.

If you’re based in the Embankment area and would like to learn more about our services at Bi-Fold Bi-Design, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01206 212 040 where our staff are more than happy to help with your enquiry.