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With the Bifolding Door Market set to increase again in 2017 and again over the foreseeable future, Bi-Folds Bi Design will not only rise to the occasion but fly high above it.

The last few years have seen Bi-folding doors become more and more popular and as we peer through the looking glass, our sleek, modern, durable products are set to increase in sales even more.

The demand for Bi-Folding doors is coming from property developers, educational sectors and private house projects for many of the beneficial aspects Bifold doors provide. The idea is that this growing need for aluminium doors is due to the light, durable material that allows you to take a wall and make it a window. The effect is one of a modern and contemporary design that gives you a complete wash of natural light throughout the room, increasing productivity, enlightenment and motivation.

Bi-Folds will become more popular as energy efficiency has become an important presence that will only advance in the future. Aluminium is a recyclable material that is strong, resilient and just about the best metal for your bifolding doors, add that to the standard 28mm double glazed soft coat glass designed to absorb solar energy from the outdoors and reflect internal heat back into your home – you won’t just be green, your visitors will be green with envy.

For commercial and residential Bi-Fold Doors, get in touch with Bi-Folds Bi-Design. If you want to know where your Bifolds are, they’ll be with us, from start to finish.

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