Bi-Fold Doors Yaxley

Are you currently a resident of Yaxley in Suffolk? Maybe you know somebody who lives in or around that area? Either way we here at Bi-Folds Bi-Design are coming to a house near you!

We know that sunlight is an important part of all of our lives. Whether you want to let as much of it in as you can; or if you are trying to escape it all so that you can shut the outside world of Yaxley out and play video games! Either way our bi-fold doors are going to be the perfect solution! We have an amazing range of integral blinds the quality of which we doubt you will be able to find anywhere else! Integral blinds are an amazing invention and with Bi-Folds Bi-Design you can have your pick of the best blinds on the market. As they are able to slide seamlessly between the panels of all of our doors you can shut the day out or let it all in; the choice is yours! Unlike conventional blinds our integral blinds won’t ever need cleaning and are also backed by our 10 year warranty so you never need to worry about them!

Integral blinds are just one of our specialities.

Our passion, as you might have guessed, is bi-fold doors. Ever since we began we have prided ourselves on using only the highest grade materials available to us. We offer full flexibility with our doors and once you have seen one you will never go back to a regular door again. We are also able to fully install your door for you – all of our technicians are highly trained and have a wealth of experience between them – so you can just sit back relax and watch your home transform before your eyes!

Have you been paying too much on electricity bills recently? Have you tried and failed to reduce your monthly energy outgoings? Bi-Folds Bi-Design can help you. All of our bi-folding doors come with multi chambers and thermal breaks which have a massive impact on the energy efficiency of your Yaxley home – for the better of course! In addition to this all of our folding panes are fitted and installed with a multi-point locking system and advanced mechanically engineered gearing! What does this mean for you? It means that your doors are as advanced and as safe as they can possibly be. Could it get any better? Yes it can. All of our doors come with a 25 year Fensa back guarantee!

We offer an all inclusive rate that will never include any nasty surprises. So pick up the phone today and dial 01206 212040 for all over your bi-folding door needs! Or you can drop us an [email protected]. We won’t let you down!