Bi-Fold Doors Upton Park

BiFolds Bi Design

When you are imagining your dream home do you envisage a set of stunningly crafted Bi Fold Doors, smoothly opening up to make your beautiful garden a part of your living space? At Bi-Folds Bi-Design, we design, manufacturer and install high quality bi fold doors in Upton Park, East London that can be installed in any property to suit any budget, so you may not have to wait to achieve the home you have always wanted.

As a leading bi-fold door manufacturer, we use aluminium to construct all of our bifold doors, doors and windows. Aluminium is strong, durable, great value for money and looks modern and stylish. Aluminium can be painted in a large variety of colours using long lasting paint, so they can be co-ordinated with your room. If you prefer a more traditional look, you can even opt for a wood effect finish.

Our aluminium bi-folds have a number of different design features that make them a fantastic choice when updating your home. As standard our bi-fold doors are fitted with a 28mm double glazed unit with soft coat glass to absorb energy from the sun and reflect it back into your home. The profile of each bi-fold door is fitted with multi-chambers and thermal breaks to minimise heat loss.

So your bi fold doors are cost effective and could save you money on your energy bill.

For maximum security, each bifold door is manufactured with a 70mm high performance aluminium profile as standard making them strong and durable. The bifolds also have a multi-point locking system and advanced gearings, giving you peace of mind that your bifolds protect your home from any external harm.

At Bi-Folds Bi-Design we manufacture our bi-fold doors with a high-quality, robust double-track roller system, which ensures your doors glide open in an effortless motion.

As we are the manufacturer as well as the bi-fold door supplier, we can offer a range of guarantees to give you peace of mind when ordering from us. The colour profile of your bifolds will be guaranteed for 25 years and there are four other 10 year guarantees for other aspects of your bifolds.

For more information or advice on our bi-fold doors, aluminium windows or any of our products, please call us on 01206 212040 or email us at [email protected] and a member of our warm and friendly team will be happy to help.