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Bi-Fold Doors Southend-on-SeaSouthend-on-Sea Bifold Doors

DESIGNED, MANFACTURED and INSTALLED – The complete Bifold service

Making full use of your home’s indoor and outdoor space is something people in Britain have been trying to do for a long time. Patio Doors or French Doors are usually the answer, but what if there was a better solution?

With Bifold Doors you still get the massive absorption of light from the large glass panes, but you also get superior utility and versatility. You can open them inwards or outwards, partially or fully. When fully open the sections fold in on each other in a concertina fashion and square away to one side. The effect is a beautiful and breath-taking panoramic view.

The attributes of our Bifold Doors make them the natural upgrade from Patio and French Doors. The improved thermal and acoustic properties mean that they are well suited to the task of being an external door, but have also led some customers to use them internally too.

Popular uses internally include replacing a wall between two smaller rooms, giving the option of making a much larger space when required. They are also regularly installed as a barrier to the conservatory to provide an extra layer of security as well as to fend off the stifling summer heat and the frosty winter cold.

Bifold Design

We have a range of Bifold Door designs, each with their own style. Take a look at our gallery and become inspired. Just imagine your home with stunning bifold doors extending your home into your garden. During consultation, you can tell us any specific needs and requirements and we can incorporate them into your finished folding door.

We believe that you can ‘design out crime’ and that is why we adhere to a Police-led initiative known as Secure By Design (SBD). We take security very seriously, that is why everything we design, build and install is classed as SBD.

Quality Bifold Manufacturing

We make all of our own products at our factory in Essex. We work in aluminium, which is very strong and lightweight. Our craftsmen only use the best materials and the highest grade components. We are very proud of our Bifold Doors and so confident of their robust quality, that we offer five separate guarantees on them.

The system that makes folding doors so sought after is a sophisticated mechanism of rails, rollers and hinges. Cheaper versions of this system exist but if the mechanism is faulty, your doors will be clunky, awkward and cumbersome. We only use the best mechanisms. They are finely engineered, slick systems that enable effortless use. You will never have to heave or strain using our Bifold Doors.

Our high standards of workmanship have been recognised and certified by Yale, CAB and Trust Mark.

Bifold Installation

As part of the complete service we offer, installation is the final piece that brings it all together. Our installation engineers are skilled and experienced professionals who take pride in their work. They work efficiently and never leave a job half done. Our installation teams are certified and approved by Certass so you know you are receiving a top-level service.


Our range of Bifold Doors has something for everyone and for every budget, from the very extravagant to the functional and practical. You will be amazed at just how affordable a folding door solution can be.

Take a look at our price list. We have everything displayed in plain English. We don’t try to baffle you with jargon and we certainly don’t hide charges. The price you see is the price you pay.

For more information, call into our Southend-On-Sea showroom or contact us on the phone or via email. We are waiting to help you rediscover the living space of your home.