Bi-Fold Doors Saffron Walden

Bi-Fold Doors Saffron WaldenBifold Doors

Modern Living Defined for Saffron Walden, Essex

We all look forward to summer. BBQs and garden parties, or just relaxing in the sun napping in the hammock or reading on the lounger. For many Brits, the temperamental weather of our glorious island makes any sunshine precious and we do what we can to make the most of every single ray.

In times gone by, Patio Doors were the best way to connect your inside living space with your garden. French Doors were also popular for the same reasons. Lots of light allowed to flood into the room with the ability to connect to the outdoors when the sun eventually did put his hat on.

As time has moved on a new system has emerged. A system that has all of the advantages, and more, of Patio and French Doors without any of the drawbacks. Bifold Doors are the modern-day solution.

Imagine opening up an entire wall to a clear, unobstructed view and passage way. You could merge two smaller internal rooms to make a large entertainment area, or you could throw open an invitation to your garden to come and join your home in seamless harmony.

The versatility of Bifold Doors is their great advantage. You can open them inwards or outwards, open only one section to give the utility of a normal door or open all sections for the breath-taking effect of a wide open space. When fully open they neatly fold away to one side in a concertina fashion, maximising the space gained.

Our Bifold Doors have excellent thermal and acoustic properties that make them perfect external doors and the ultimate barrier to the temperature extremes of your conservatory.


We offer a consultation service that will allow you to customise your Bifold Doors and ensure that your stylistic tastes are met. Take a look at our gallery to see some of our folding doors in action and find inspiration from our modern and classy range.

One of the key design elements is from a security point of view. We subscribe to a Police-led initiative called Secure By Design (SBD). This philosophy underpins applied techniques to address security right from the design stage. The security of your home is at the forefront of the design for each folding door.

Build Quality

All of our Bifold products are manufactured in our own factory using the only finest grade of aluminium. Every door is made to the highest specification and custom built to suit the dimensions of your project. Our craftsmen take great pride in their work and their reputation. They will not let any substandard products leave the factory floor.

Our high standards have been recognised and certified by organisations such as CAB, Yale and Trust Mark.

Beautiful Bifold Doors built to high standards and imbued with strength and security are all well and good. But what if they don’t open properly, or don’t stack up right leaving you with a cumbersome bulk of misshapen door to walk around? It is a nightmare that can happen if the mechanism that operates the bi-fold function is faulty.

The best way to ensure that your doors work effortlessly is to allow us to install them for you. Our installers are experienced professionals. They know the finely engineered precision mechanism that operates our Bifold Doors inside and out. Based locally in Saffron Walden, Essex, they will not rush your installation so they can make good time driving home.

Our installation engineers have been certified by Certass due to their high standards of workmanship.


We pride ourselves on being honest as a company with integrity and transparency. The price you see, is the price you pay. We don’t have any hidden charges.

Call or email us today, or call into our Saffron Walden showroom and let us show you our full range of Bifold doors and let us find you the folding doors that are right for you.