Bi-Fold Doors Redbridge

From BiFolds Bi Design

Modernising your home by installing Bi Fold doors is a current fashion in home design. At Bi-Folds Bi-Design we supply bespoke bi fold doors, doors and windows for your home or business, that will instantly modernise your property. We are a bi folds door supplier based near Colchester, Essex and can now offer our services to properties in Redbridge and across East London.

Our bi fold doors boast a host of features that will provide numerous benefits to your home. The design process here at Bi Fold Bi Design means that you will have a completely bespoke set of bi fold doors that fulfil the functions necessary for your household. From colours to handles, you will choose every aspect of your bifolds so they are tailor made for you and your home.

Each bi fold door is constructed with energy efficient features that will keep the heat in and the cold out so they really are a cost effective way of transforming your home or business. By choosing us you will be safe in the knowledge that our bi folds come with a multi-point locking system and advanced gearings to secure your home. All our bi-folds, doors and windows are made from aluminium which is both strong and durable as well as sleek and modern looking. The double track roller system used on our bi folds enhances the smooth motion of opening your bifold doors so not only do they look great, but they feel great too!

As well as bi-fold doors, we also manufacture and supply aluminium doors, which can be designed to suit your needs and your budget. If you are worried that aluminium doors are not traditional enough then don’t be because we can offer powder coat and wood effect finishes to give a more customary look, but will also have all the benefits of using aluminium. We also supply folding, rotating and sliding doors that can be designed to fit in any doorway, so there really is a door to suit every household.

To visit our showroom or for more information and advice please feel free to call us on 01206 212040 or email at [email protected] and our friendly and experienced team will be more than happy to help.