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Meet Your New Bifold Doors; The Best In Essex

Bifold Doors have featured on several home-improvement programmes on TV. Their stunning looks, versatility and robust design, combined with how easy they are to use has made them very popular indeed. If you are looking to make a sound investment in your house and if you want to rediscover the love for your living space at home, let us introduce you to the perfect solution delivered with the complete service. From consultation, design and manufacture to professional installation.

Versatile, beautiful, strong and secure. Bifold Doors have so many advantages over Patio Doors and French Doors that there has been a scramble by home owners and home improvers to fit them to their property.

The sophisticated mechanism incorporated into our doors means that they can open any which way; a single panel can open offering the same utility as a regular door, right through to opening all panels and neatly concertinaing away to one side to provide a fully unobstructed opening.

Bifold Doors are popular in Rayleigh mostly as external doors. The ability to open up and join your indoor and outdoor living space has always been something special. The amount of homeowners who see the advantages of Bifold Doors as an internal solution is increasing. The thermal qualities make them the perfect ‘shut off’ for a conservatory and the acoustic performance make them the ultimate barrier for the kid’s playroom; you can see them, but blissfully can’t hear them.


There are two main design elements that make our Bifold Doors so attractive. Firstly the looks. If you haven’t already, go and click through our gallery. Modern and fresh, bursting with style. The aesthetics can be changed and modified to suit your tastes and our consultation service can help you find the look that is right for you.

The other main element is the engineering. Good-looking Bifold Doors are all well and good but if they don’t open smoothly or don’t fold away neatly then you are only going to get frustrated with them. Our folding doors are set on a tried and tested precision system. This means that the doors can be operated with minimum effort and will fold away perfectly every time.

Underpinning the main design elements is the philosophy of Secure By Design (SBD). This is a Police-led initiative that approaches security right from the design stage. Our folding doors are all classed as SBD. The integrity of your home is of paramount importance to us.

Build Quality

We make all of our doors ourselves. We use only the finest materials and highest grade components. Aluminium, being very strong and very light, is our main building block. It enables us to manufacture market-leading Bifold Doors to precise specifications. Our craftsmen are perfectionists and any door that is not absolutely flawless does not leave the factory floor.

Our standards are so high that we confidently offer a range of guarantees on our products. The quality of our work has earned us certifications from CAB, Yale and Trust Mark.


No service is complete without the installation. You can of course take delivery of our superior Bifold Doors and install them yourself, but if you want a fast and efficient installation from professionals with skills proven over years of experience, then our team is the one for you.

Only the highest possible standards of installation earn a Certass approval and our team has this accolade. You can rest assured that your new doors will work like a dream.


The price you see is the price you pay. We do not have any hidden extras.

Contact us today, or call into our showroom in Rayleigh, Essex and talk to us about our range of Bifold Doors. We are bound have the right folding door to suit you and your budget.