Bi-Fold Doors Maldon

Bi-Fold Doors MaldonMade in Maldon Essex – It’s the only way for Bifold Doors

If you are thinking of replacing those tired old patio doors you have come to the right place. We have the solution that you are looking for: BIFOLD DOORS.

Unlike French Doors and Patio Doors which, by their very nature, have to use up half of your opening with an immovable pane, Bifold Doors clear out completely. They neatly concertina away to one side leaving you with an unobstructed, breath-taking view of your garden.

Many people love to enjoy their garden and opt for Bifold Doors as they join the indoor and outdoor living spaces with seamless perfection. But inviting your garden to join your home in tranquil harmony is not the only use for Bifold Doors.

One popular use is as a border between your home and conservatory. Not only are they versatile and capable of making themselves scarce when the occasion calls for it, but they are that extra layer of security. They also have excellent thermal performance to fend off the greenhouse effect of your conservatory in summer and protect against the artic condition in there of a winter.

The acoustic performance is also a much admired feature of our Bifold Doors. Shutting yourself off with a good book or impounding the children in the designated playroom are uses that are gaining our internal Bifold Doors popularity. The ability to make two separate rooms into one large living space when required and them separate them off again is modern living defined.


Bifold door have the advantage over French Doors as they are set on a finely engineered mechanism which allows them to open inwards or outwards, open partially or open up completely and it is the ability to open up completely that make them so sought after.

The folding doors that we offer are built from aluminium making them very strong and very light. The lightweight means that they are easy to use; no heaving and straining required. The versatility of aluminium also means that there is plenty of scope for a flare of design. Take a look at our gallery to see some of the beautiful Bifolds that we have already installed for other happy customers in Maldon and the wider Essex County.


We subscribe to the philosophy that you can ‘design out crime’, when it comes to our folding doors anyway. It is known as Secure By Design (SBD) which is a Police-led initiative to address the weaknesses inherent in the manufacture and installation of some doors and windows.

Everything we build is classed as SBD and we carry these principles over into our installation service too so you can rest assured that your home will be as safe, if not safer, as it has always been.

Quality of Build

We manufacture our doors ourselves. We don’t buy in pre-built packs and we don’t do anything ‘off the shelf’. Our craftsmen insist on the highest grade aluminium and they take tremendous pride in the quality of their work. As a company we are so proud of our work that we offer an array of guarantees. Our quality of work has earned us certifications from Yale, CAB and Trust Mark.

As you will have seen from the gallery, the workmanship of our Bifold Doors is excellent but that is only half the story. Our installations teams are who bring it all together. The finest folding doors in the world will quickly become the worst folding doors in the world if they are not installed correctly.

Our installers are skilled, experienced and very efficient. They are certified and approved Certass installers so you know that they will always complete installations to the highest possible standards.


We believe that our range of Bifold Doors is the best in Essex. We are sure that we have the right design for your home and at a price to suit your budget.

Take a look at our pricelist. It is completely transparent – what you see is what you pay. We don’t have any hidden extras waiting to surprise you.

Call into our Maldon showroom, call us or email us today and we can start the process of transforming your home to better suit your way of life.