Bi-Fold Doors Long Melford

At Bi-Folds Bi-Design we are just ready and waiting to transform your Long Melford home! We know that it can be stressful renovating a home or doing any kind of renovation work; we therefore make everything simple for you and we make sure that we never let you down!

We have an excellent reputation

that spans across several counties.

Suffolk and Long Melford are no exception! We have a great deal of pride in our bi-folding doors and for good reason. Our bi-fold doors represent fantastic value for money. They are also fitted with a slim aluminium profile and a versatile lightweight system that equates to a product that is not only strong and durable, but one that is also incredibly easy and simple to maintain, clean and care for. All of the aluminium included in all of our products is manufactured and made to the highest possible standard. This means that your bi-fold door will be as strong and as weatherproof as it can possibly be.

We won’t ever cut corners as we believe that our customers deserve the very best as well as the very latest technology! We do not ever make compromises on quality, value or security. All of our bi-fold doors are designed to be as secure as possible so you can sleep easy at night. We fit multi-point locking systems as standard and advanced gearing helps to protect your home. We also manufacture and sell toughened glazed units for those of you who are very concerned about security. Long Melford is a safe place but it never hurts to be fully prepared! Bi-Folds Bi-Design always go the extra mile.

If you are interested in our bi-fold doors but are unsure as to how they would look on your home you can use our innovative and modern bi-folding door design tool. Follow this link to be taken straight to it! There you can customise your door with more configurations than you can shake a stick at! You can change the leaves, the glass, the handles, the locks and the overall colour and design of your door! What you can also do is attach the door to a photograph of your home so that you can really see what it would look like!

If you would like to talk to us about a bi-folding door (or about another product that we provide!) please do not hesitate to contact us on 01206 212040 or if you would rather you can drop us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can!