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Looking for bi-fold doors Hertsmere?

Look no further than Bi-Folds Bi Design!


We are proud to offer an industry leading service to all our clients in Hertfordshire. Our team consists of fully trained installers who offer a reliable and friendly service with a 25 year guarantee on all products. And there are no hidden surprises with our competitive rates, we do not hide anything from our clients.


At Bi-Folds Bi Design we are accredited suppliers and installers of high quality bi-fold doors. These doors are available in many different colours, different glass specifications and a variety of security options. Therefore our trained sales staff are able to guide you through the simple process of designing your desired door, threshold, and glazing.


We have successfully completed 448 instalments, with 100% secure payments and 100% quality. With a 2 week turnaround, it would be silly to go anywhere else! Therefore as soon as you place your order with us, we will begin our work designing and manufacturing your new bi-fold door.


If you have ever been to a home with, or currently own a home that has bi-fold doors, you will be sold on the concept. Not only are they a modern and convenient addition to any property, but they can also raise the value of your property. Therefore whether you are looking to add bi-fold doors for an aesthetic or practical reason, there is no doubt they are a great addition to any home.


When you are looking for bi-fold doors Hertsmere, we can guarantee that they will be produced with high security performance. Every bi-fold door we manufacture comes with a 70mm high performance aluminium profile system as a standard. They are also always fitted with a multi-point locking system and advanced gearings.

We want you to feel safe in your own home.


What’s more, all the bi-fold doors we produce are tried and tested to ensure optimal energy efficiency. Therefore this has been tested in different seasons and different climates, ensuring you have optimal energy efficiency all year round.


Let us sum up: what are the advantages of Bi-Folds Bi Design:

  • Competitive prices with excellent quality
  • Online bi-fold design option
  • Superb customer service


Why go anywhere else? To reach the Bi-Fold team, call us on 01206 212 040. You can also stop by our showroom in Colchester to see our products live and to ask our friendly team any questions you may have. We are here to turn your house into a home with our bi-fold doors Hertsmere!

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