Bi-Fold Doors Clapton

Bi-Folds Bi Design

If your residential or commercial property in Clapton is in need of updating, then Bi-Folds Bi-Design are a specialist bi-fold door and window installer, supplying Essex and East London.

Bi Fold Doors will add a modern and stylish touch to any property and will also establish a much brighter room with natural light pouring in through the glass. With the high-quality, double-track roller system that comes fitted as standard with every set of bi fold doors from Bi-Folds Bi-Design, the doors will glide open in an effortless way, connecting your room with the outside.

All of our Bi-fold doors are made out of aluminium, which is our material of choice because it provides so many benefits. It is strong, durable and easy to maintain so will keep its shine for years without you having to do very much at all. Aluminium can also be painted using high-quality, long lasting paint, which we guarantee for 25 years, so your bespoke bi-fold doors can be coordinated to your property. Aluminium is also very cost-effective. It is a more affordable material than uPVC or timber and is so energy efficient that combined with high-quality soft coat glass, it will even save you money on your energy bills by absorbing energy from the sun and using it to heat your home, as well as minimising heat loss from inside.

Every bi fold door we manufacture comes fitted with a multi-point locking system, advanced gearings and a 70mm high-performance aluminium profile so your bi fold doors provide maximum security and performance.

As a leading bi-fold door supplier, here at Bi-Fold Bi-Design we ensure that you receive nothing less than a perfect set of bi-fold doors or aluminium windows which are specifically designed to your home, your needs and your budget. So if you want to add a stunning, modern and convenient feature to your property, our bi-fold doors are an excellent choice. We think our products are so well-made that we guarantee them for up to 25 years, giving you peace of mind for many years to come.

So, if you would like to talk more about bi-fold doors or any of our products, please call us on 01206 212040 or email to [email protected], and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you.