Bi-fold Doors Chelmsford

Bi-fold Doors ChelmsfordChoosing doors and windows is one of the most important decisions you can make for your home. And making the right choice will instantly revitalise your space, provide a fresh, new look and ultimately save money. The use of Bi-fold doors is becoming more popular as they revolutionise the combination of style, space saving and flexibility. Bi-fold doors are essentially doors which can fold inwards or outwards to free up space in any desired location.

Bi-fold doors in Chelmsford firmly understand the need for cost effective, stylish and contemporary doors to transform and improve the look and function of your home or property. We are able to provide doors to suit every budget, allowing you to experience the many benefits of having bi-fold doors installed in your household. Bi-fold doors are secure, stylish, flexible, easy to operate and durable. This makes them the perfect addition to the interior or exterior of any home.


There is no doubt that purchasing Bi-fold doors for your home will instantly transform your living space. Bi-fold doors can be opened, partially opened or firmly closed with the minimum of hassle. Our seamless designs mean that these types of doors are ideal for connecting rooms, gardens and patios.  At Bi-fold doors Chelmsford we are proud to offer you the very best in doors and windows. These come in a vast range of materials and colours to suit every home and style.

Space Saving

Installing Bi-fold doors in your home will make your home lighter, brighter and more spacious. Our doors can be purchased ready made or via our on-line service which enables you to design your own bi-fold doors at your own leisure. Whether you want to be fully in control of the design process or you need advice from our dedicated and friendly team. We are happy to provide you with all the tools you need to design your doors to suit you.

Added Security

A key feature of all our Bi-fold door designs in Chelmsford is security and our doors rank strongly against the most secure doors currently available in the UK. All of our doors ready for purchase are classed as Secured By Design (SBD). Enabling our customers to benefit from the highest standards or security when purchasing any doors from our extensive range in Chelmsford.


At Bi-fold doors Chelmsford we only supply the finest in doors and windows. And the materials we use are of the highest quality. A key component in the manufacture of our doors is aluminium. This lightweight material ensures that our doors are up to date, modern, stylish and contemporary. They are durable and stable, allowing for a huge range of openings to be achieved.

A professional, Cost Effective Service

The price you see on our website is ultimately the price you pay for your brand new Bi-fold doors. We strive to offer value for money and we don’t do hidden surprises. If you are ever unsure about any of our products or services, our Chelmsford team are always available to offer friendly and professional advice. Our highly experienced and fully trained installation team are always on hand to help you through the installation process from start to finish.

For more information on our extensive range of products or if you would like to visit our Chelmsford showroom. Please contact us by telephone, e-mail or drop in to see a member of our team.