Bi-Fold Doors Akenham

Residents of Akenham! We are coming to you! Bi-Folds Bi Design are proud to say that we are now bringing our fantastic doors, as well as a whole host of other products to you and your area. So do not miss out on a fantastic opportunity to upgrade the look and feel of your home! Not only do we give you the tools to craft your perfect home, we also, through the use of our fantastic high grade aluminium and amazing quality glass (amongst many other things!) can make your home Akenham more cost-efficient!

Speaking of aluminium, it is an incredibly reliable metal. It will last for a VERY long time and may not ever, in its lifetime, need to be replaced! Furthermore, aluminium is 100{82922a6b545cc0250ca6679596457951d832a3b51a3a13d6257a86f0f6e4e13b} recyclable, which is just another added bonus to what is a superbly malleable and useful metal. It is also super durable and will not therefore rust or decay in harsh weather. It is also widely regarded as one of the most energy efficient metals around! Design your perfect door, with aluminium as standard, here!

With our amazing and unique design tool you can:

  • Design to your tastes
  • Select how many leaves you would like
  • Choose your glass
  • Set your frames
  • Pick your own handles
  • View on your own home
  • And you can even receive your quotation there and then!

We know how important a sense of openness is to you and your home; nobody wants to feel cramped up or kept in! That why we have designed our doors to create a wonderful sense of flow and openness, one pull or push of a leaf or a handle and your connection to the outside is established! Other, older styles of door will leave you feeling pushed back or squeezed in; a Bi-Folds Bi-Design door will never do this to you! Have we even mentioned the natural light?! Multiple studies, for years and years now have proven just how beneficial natural light is to all of us. It has so many benefits that the list would be ridiculously long! If you want to see our doors in the flesh, take a look at our new video! We think it really showcases the simplicity and beauty of our bi-fold doors!

If you have any questions whatsoever, want to discuss a project or quote, or maybe you just want to see what sort of products we offer – we don’t mind no matter what we are here to answer your questions and even assuage concerns! So pick up the phone, our number is 01206 212 040, alternatively you can email us at [email protected] – we won’t keep you waiting!