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The BiFolds Group

When you buy a bi folding door, you have probably spent a large sum of money on it. And you want to ensure that the bi-fold door installation is done properly. Meaning that you want it installed by someone who is a professional and will not damage the product in the process. And have it looking great once installed.

When you buy a bi-folding door from us, we install it for you as part of the process. And while installing it take many precautions to ensure that the bifold is installed in the best possible way, allowing for it to be insulating, straight and secured.

We also ensure that the bi-fold door installation has been completed to a high standard before we are done.

bi-fold door installation

When getting bifolds off of us, which we do recommend, you also get a 10 year guarantee. So even if installation has issues, you are fully covered against anything!

We make ourselves easily available in all forms, as our phone is available 7 days a week. And our office is easily available and accessible via most forms of transport from most of the east of England.

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