Bespoke Bi-Fold Doors

Our Speciality

The bespoke bi-fold doors we offer at Bi-Folds Bi Design are some of the best in the industry. And easily of the highest quality in Essex. This is because, unlike our numerous competitors in the area, we ensure everything we produce is of the highest quality thanks to its extensive quality testing alongside its very high quality components. This helps to ensure our products are some of the best in the market.

We are also very transparent about the whole process, which is why were the few bespoke bi-fold doors designers and producers to let you see our workshop. Here we produce all of our bi fold doors.  This allows you to see both the beautiful, high quality finished  products that you could soon have in your home, while also being able to see them during their production stages.

So you can see them during all the development stages so you understand fully what you are buying. And can see with your own eyes the work that our truly passionate designers do for each bi fold door, and you will see how each one is truly unique and bespoke.

Another thing we ensure with our products over those of our competitors is true energy efficiency.

Our process for testing involves various tests for energy efficiency. This allows us to make sure that our bespoke bi-fold doors are extremely energy efficient all year round and in any and all possible weather conditions, allowing our bi fold doors to be perfect for you all year round!

bespoke bi-fold doors are our speciality

Like what you’ve heard? Then come down to our aluminium doors showroom at your earliest convenience in Marks Tey. This is easily accessible via all forms of public transport within the London and Essex Area.

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