Aluminium Window Company

Are you tired of the way your windows always fog up and allow the cold air to get in during the winter months?

You need an aluminum window company!

Find the best aluminum windows Colchester can offer you, call Bifolds Bi Design today! BiFolds Bi Design offer bi-fold doors, lanterns, integral blinds, sliding doors and windows. Our products are all quality assured and come with 25 years guarantee. We are based in Colchester, but we supply our services to the whole of Essex. BiFolds offer a lot of flexibility with our products and we give our customers a lot of say. Consequently, we want you to be satisfied with your aluminum windows.


“We offer multiple guarantees for complete peace of mind!”

As an aluminium window company, we are a team of 6 with 98% satisfaction rates. Therefore we have a 2 week turnaround with 100% quality. Most noteworthy, on our website you can easily track your order! At BiFolds Bi Design we can offer the best aluminum windows Colchester has ever seen. As an aluminium window company we aim to be the best.  Best of all, our aluminium windows are built to the highest UK standard with clean lines and advanced functionality. This makes them ideal for traditional and contemporary properties.


The best benefit of our aluminium windows, is that they are easy to clean and effortless to operate. Hence, this will save you time! As an aluminum window company our windows meet thermal, weathering and security requirements. Due to this, they are ideal for high or low rises! So whatever your property is, we can guarantee BiFolds Bi Design’s aluminum windows will be perfect for you! Why should you choose BiFolds Bi Design as your aluminium company? Because we offer an industry leading service, it’s as simple as that!


At BiFolds Bi Design we offer quality aluminium windows at competitive rates with no hidden surprises. In addition, we have fully trained installers who will come and help you with your new aluminium windows and our expert staff are always friendly. Are you wondering how to contact Bifolds Bi Design to be your aluminum window company? It’s easy! Simply call us on: 01206 212 040 or send an email to [email protected]. Our website also has lots of information and informative videos, visit it today!


BiFolds Bi Design is part of the Bi-Folds Bi Design Group, Sky View Lanterns and Bi-Design Integral Blinds