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Bi-Folding Door Features & Functionsbifold-04

  • Flush or standard rebate options available when ordering your bifolds
  • Door panels up to 3,500mm in height and 1,250mm wide
  • 70mm thermal aluminimum profiles designed for energy efficiency
  • High quality security mechanisms built into every bifold
  • Pop out handles on all doors for a super slick means of access
  • Multi point locking built into all bifold doors
  • Integrated blinds are available in both electric and manual options

Colours & Finishesarray

All bi-fold doors are painted and coated with high quality, long lasting paint that is designed to last the test of time, hence why we are able to offer a 10 year guarantee inclusive of all bifold door orders. All finishes are first class with low maintenence attached, subsequently, your bifold doors will only require a quick wipe down once or twice per annum.

Glass Options


As we are the manufacturers of our own range of products, when it comes to selecting glass for your bifold doors, any preference is possible. We can accommodate your requirements across your chosen selection, whether you wish to maintain a more traditional single glaze look and feel or whether you would prefer a more modern, energy efficient and more secure solution such as double, treble or even quadruple glazed bifold doors. Either way, we can help advise and guide you on the best option for your home, however, our standard double glazing solution looks really great - high quality, secure, easy to clean and very energy efficient too!

All our doors and windows have been submitted to the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS for short!) to gain the all important Industry standard PAS 24 accreditation, this involves a rigorous testing procedure at their independent testing facility. This ensures that the product meets and gains the PAS 24 - Part of The British Standard stable of excellence and minimum security requirements (previously the BS7950) and assesses the security performance of the glazing for windows and external doors against possible forced entry and intrusion by an unwanted 'visitor'. We are confident in all of our products, special attention is paid to good design, safety and security so you can be sure of purchasing a truly quality product.

We invite you to our lovely showroom in Colchester where you will be advised and guided through the various options by one of our knowledgeable and friendly assistants. We are here to help so don't hesitate to either call us or drop by - You will be amazed at the variety, the quality and the shear beauty that a Bifold door brings to your home.


All of our bifold doors come with long lasting, sturdy bi-fold suitalbe hardware options as standard. We understand you might prefer traffic handles for your bifold doors over t-handle solutions dependent upon usage and the number of people in your household or overall most fitting solution based on your home and or personal preference. This is why we produce bespoke bifold doors as we want to ensure every detail is tailored to you.


Whether you live in a small or large property and regardless of where your home is situated within your neighbourhood even with the best neighbours in the world, we all worry over the security of our homes. They are our nests, where we raise our families and need to be as secure as we can possibly make them with particular emphasis when it comes to windows, doors, lanterns and bifold doors.

These are the weak points for any house and can become the entry points of any unwanted 'visitor'. Our industry has responded with the introduction of the PAS 24 (2012) Security Standard, this is the line in the sand of the very minimum basic security requirements as dictated by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS for short!) So the door, window and lantern manufacturer submits their product and is granted this 'fit for purpose' standard. These measures have proven to be so effective in stopping intruders that the Police Service has had to plan differently when they are executing a warrant and making an arrest by forcing entry to the house of a suspect. Comforting information indeed and should go a long way to allaying any fears and worries you may have over the security of your home.

This is the very reason why we specialise in bifold security to ensure a force of entry is not possible other than through extreme instances which are almost impossible to prevent. As a company, we pay particular attention to security across all our product range and truly believe that we sell the most secure and highly tested bifold door solution on the market and we welcome you to put this to the test by visiting our showroom in Colchester, Essex.


We find that most homeowners do not even consider how their bifold doors are going to fit and situate in their home and how their bi-folds are going to look and finish with both their internal and external flooring. Thankfully, this is an area we pick up on as it is inevitable most customers do not even give this a consideration, subsequently, give this some thought and consideration now. Essentially, if you want a high-quality, seamless, modern looking finish between your bi-folding doors and your internal and external flooring then you should contact us direct for leading advice on 01206 212 040



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At Bi-Folds Bi-Design we handle all of the technicalities for you, all we require is your assistance with some simple measurements, unless you would rather we conducted an on-site survey and installed the bi folds for you, which is highly recommended. If you are a builder, developer, contractor, architect, structural engineer or one of our many resellers, then feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements both in terms of look and feel as well as all other technical specfications your require or advanced requirements needed. If so, please call us on 01206 212 040.





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Bi-Fold Doors by Bifolds Bidesign

As the name suggests, as a company we specialise in the design, manufacturing and installation of bifold doors for both residential and commercial properties. Unlike other bi fold door retailers, we manufacture all of our bi fold doors in our workshop located behind our showroom in Marks Tey, Colchester, Essex. Subsequently, if you wish to view, test and discuss all of the bi fold door variations, manufacturing process and time scales with us, you are most welcome to.

Bi Fold Doors at House in London - Bi-Fold Doors

Design Your Bifolding Doors Online

At Bifolds Bidesign we aim to make your life easy and this is why we made a considreable investment to produce an online system that enables you to design your very own set of bifolds at the comfort of your own home. Designing your own bifold door is no longer a chore as we have made it an easy and enjoyable experience for you and your entire family to get involved in. There is no cost to use our online system, simply click click this link to let the fun begin - design your bifold doors.

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Bi-Fold Doors

If you have ever been to a home with or currently own a home that has bifold doors, then you will be sold on the concept of owning your own bifolding doors already. Not only are bi-fold doors a modern and convenient addition to any property, it is also suggested that having bi-folding doors installed at your property can also increase the value of your property. Whether you are looking to have bifolds for aesthetic or practical reasons, there is no doubt that aluminium bifolding doors are the current and future hot seller when it comes to enhancing your home.

Fold & Slide Movements

Poorly manufactured bifold doors can be stiff and difficult to move, however, this is not something you will experience when ordering your doors through Bi-Folds Bi-Design. Not only are we a leading manufacturer of bifold doors, but we also have our own showroom in Colchester, Essex. Subsequently, you are most welcome to visit us to test the ease of sliding and opening all of the bi-fold doors we create. As you can see by looking at our images, we use a high quality and durable double-track roller system which is proven to enhance the strength, ease of use and sustainability of your bifolds.

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high security locking system

High Security Performance

As our customers may have informed you or as you have seen in our showroom in Colchester, every bifold door we manufacture comes with a 70mm high performance aluminium profile system as standard. This not only offers enhanced durability and optimal mechanical performance, it also enhances the overall strength of your bifold. All bifold we produce are also fitted with a multi-point locking system and and advanced gearings both as standard. This ensures the highest levels of safety and security are applied to the bi-fold doors for greater peace of mind and reassurance. We are also very selective over the materials we use and this is why we invest into using patented products to ensure your bifold doors maintain a healthy shine for years to come. Your bi fold doors will retain their colour, shape and performance for years of enjoyable use.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike most other bifold manufacturers, our products are tried and tested to ensure optimal energy efficiency is maintained all year round in any climate or weather conditions. This is why all aluminium products come with multi-chambers and thermal breaks within the profile of the bi-fold door as this is proven to reduce energy costs through a reduction in heat loss. As standard, all of our bi-fold doors are fitted with a 28mm double glazed unit and feature a high performance, soft coat glass designed to absorb solar energy from the outdoors and reflect internal heat back into your home. To ensure you save on your household heating bills month after month and to reduce your carbon monoxide emissions, all bi-fold doors we manufacture offer U-values which is as low as just 1.6 w/m2K.

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Profile Choices

We offer a variety of options when it comes to profiles, these are the frames for your windows and doors. You can make your choice based on shape and design, durability, energy efficiency and security - We have it covered!
Made from Aluminium which allows for the construction of inbuilt chambers that creates strength, insulation and security, coupled with the PAS 24 glazing of your choice. You are truly purchasing great quality, great look and great design.
You are most welcome at our friendly showroom in Colchester to discuss your requirements with our helpful and knowledgeable staff, who know a thing or three about everything 'bifold' - windows / doors, frames / glass, design and security - We are here to help you with your selections and guide you through all that we have to offer in the way of profiles.

Watch Our Bi-Fold Doors in Motion

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Some prefer to enquire online whilst others prefer to talk face to face. Some are happy with pictures and others would rather view and feel the products for themselves. Whichever you prefer, the choice is yours as we offer both options to all customers and our showroom is easily accessible via the A12 in Colchester, Essex.

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