Alutech Systems

Alutech are one of the leading manufacturers of Aluminium Systems in the world

Their decades of experience producing the highest quality aluminium products for doors and windows make their knowledge coveted and their accolades prestigious. Scaling down their work for multinational corporations and international businesses, they’ve designed the BF 70: a masterclass in bifolding door technology.

You’ll see more of the outdoors than through any other profile with straight lines on 120mm thick. Combined that with being PAS24-approved & you’ve got the most secure door with the widest vistas possible. It might not come as a surprise that these high quality specifications also have the maximum possible insulation value and weatherproofing available on the market - Alutech Systems meet or exceed every industry standard to keep you warm, dry and breeze-free.

With such slender frames other providers might make you compromise on colour, but we can give you your Alutech bifolding door system in any one or even two RAL colours of your choosing. We’re in the business of letting you choose to make your home yours, right down to the shade of your frames.

Speaking of shade, Alutech systems are also capable of supporting an industry-leading sash size of 1200mm in width, so you can decide when the sunshine fills your living space. It’s all about letting you choose what your home looks like without compromising on any aspect of design or quality.

No matter whether you’re trying to open up your kitchen into your back garden or turn your back wall into a widescreen view of your porch, you can have it your way every time with Bi Folds Bi Design & Alutech Systems. Enjoy up to 14 panels of door to occupy even the widest spaces and treat yourself, and your family, to the home improvement you’ve always wanted.

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